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Obesity Non Invasive Technology

Non Invasive Technologies

The non-surgical treatment is usually a multicomponent approach comprising behavioral therapy, dietary changes with the main aim of reducing energy intake, increasing physical activity, and various pharmacotherapies.

Gastric Balloons:

The intra-gastric balloon, or “gastric balloon,” is a relatively new, non-invasive, and temporary weight loss procedure whereby a durable deflated balloon is passed through the mouth, down into the stomach, and filled with saline or gas to decrease the amount of gastric space to make patients feel full sooner, leading to significant short-term weight loss. The balloon can be left in the stomach for a maximum of 6 months and results in an average weight loss of 5–9 BMI over half a year. It was developed to “bridge the gap” between pure diet and exercise and a more complicated bariatric procedure like gastric sleeve surgery. The intra-gastric balloon may be used prior to another bariatric surgery in order to assist the patient to reach a weight which is suitable for surgery, further it can also be used on several occasions if necessary.

The intra-gastric balloon is approved in Australia, Canada, Mexico, India, United States (received FDA approval in 2015) and several European and South American countries.