Royal Care

Elipse Gastric Balloon



Royal Care Company is proud to be the only certified healthcare supplier in Kuwait to provide the Elipse Gastric balloon – the world’s only procedure-less treatment in the market.

While endoscopic balloons are effective, they also have several limitations:

  • They are expensive, driven largely by the cost of endoscopy.
  • They require specialized endoscopic training and anesthesia.
  • They require that the customer return to get the balloon removed. If customers don’t come back, which happens with some regularity, the risk of balloon deflation, passage into the intestines, and bowel obstruction rises.

The Elipse™ is the world’s first procedure-less gastric balloon. It is a remarkable breakthrough in obesity treatment as it does not require endoscopy or anesthesia. Moreover, the Elipse™ is designed to self-empty and pass safely through the gastrointestinal tract, mitigating the risk of customers lost to follow-up.

Elipse™ fills the stomach and assists you in feeling full and eating less. Elipse™ is swallowed during a brief office visit and – months later – passes into the toilet.

Elipse™ empowers overweight and obese individuals (and their healthcare providers) to reclaim their health with a safe and effective weight loss tool.

The treatment overcomes all the barriers and complications of other gastric balloons as it provides all the advantages of other balloons along with its unique set competitive advantages:

  • Safe
  • Easy & simple
  • Full privacy

This treatment not only includes the balloon, but a complete package including the balloon, wireless scale for each patient, follow up software program for the hospital team so that they can monitor the patient remotely, phone application for each patient to monitor their weight loss progress and body composition analysis, diet program and SMS plan from the group engaging patients though motivational & reminder or instructional messages to keep the patients involved in the program.

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